Not much to say really.

Why not?

Although I’ve uploaded the final page of the second part of Trashfield and a new Jip comic, plus my third rejected pitch to The Dandy, a thing by the name of Bobzilla.

Hope you like.


Well what do you know?

As well as drawing the new Jip comic and uploading another Trashfield pages, I discovered something neat whilst egosurfing – in a Google search for “Jay Townsend comics”, not only is the first page all me in some way, but somebody has added me to a database of comic artists! Guess that makes me the real deal.

To celebrate: COMEDY PORK.


Just the one project, mind.

The rest of this will be published in the Reasonably Priced Comics anthology, Science! I know I’m amongst some very good company in there, some talented artists and writers; I’d feel like I was letting the side down doing a style I’m not completely comfortable with, but I think I’ve carried it off with style.

I can’t wait to get my copy of the anthology and see the other stories. :)

Cha cha cha!

Nothing much to update. Been very busy finishing the lineart for my Science! Anthology story, it’s all scanned now and ready to touch up, and letter.

No new Jip this week, due to my business; but there is a new page of Trashfield issue 2 to be getting on with.

I can’t wait to be out of the “old artwork” phase of this, with its wobbly panels and messy lettering. Newer stuff should be much better. :)

Happy Father’s Day!

It really is, and awesome comic artist Jamie Smart re-posted his utterly heartwarming and touching comic about his Dad here on his Tumblr. Amazing.

As for my own work (priorities, Jay): this week’s new Trashfield page and Jip comic are up, though neither are really for kids.

Also, I’m making great progress on a 7-page comic story that I’m doing for Reasonably Priced Comics’ upcoming anthology, Science! I look to be expanding my repertoire with this one, as it’s not in my usual style at all. Which is good.

Just a preview. A work-in-progress that doesn’t have the extra shading nor the lettering. Should be good when finished, I’m pretty excited about it.