Previous games by Jay Townsend


Verboten Games

Following is a for-posterity list of every game I have ever made.

Flashback Funnies – Amstrad CPC464, unreleased
Textbook example of a developer’s first game being of incredibly poor quality, this was a text-adventure coded in BASIC parodying (poorly) the events of Delphine Software’s 16-but opus, Flashback. Player interactions were limited to ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at various intervals due to a lack of technical knowledge. Created at age 13.

Trax – RISC OS/Amiga 1200, unreleased
Not ‘released’ in the conventional manner, but floated around my school for a while on the Acorn Archimedes platform. I’d discovered a command in BBC Micro BASIC (which the format had an expanded version of) to discern the colour value of a certain point onscreen and, combined with some simple math, made the film Tron‘s light-cycle game from it. Around 50 hand-drawn ‘arenas’ comprised the stages of this two-player jaunt that saw some…

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