The Thing I Do?

Hello. Well, I clumsily let the domain name expire on this site and didn’t make it redirect to the free WordPress. I just fixed that. How terribly unprofessional of me.

Of course, when I acted as professional as I could, it didn’t matter one iota. So “HAI, I FIXED DA THINGEEEE” and all that jazz. After such a great start to this post with ‘hello’ as well.

Quite a bit for me to catch up on.

Latest Jip. And it's filthy.

Jip is still going on, with a new strip up on Fridays (usually) and an animated episode being planned AS I TYPE. Although not literally since I’m doing the planning, but right now that planning energy is being used on the typing and the whatnot, but rest assured it’s going to start happening. You can check it out on the comic’s blog right there.

In other news, I have been published for the second time, and it’s great. I got the first story and cover spot to Reasonably Priced Comics #6 — still small-press, but published for the second time nonetheless! It was a fun little story to do, harking back to a time when I was younger and things were simpler. I hand-lettered this one (unlike my story in RPC’s Science! anthology) and it turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself. Read more about it here on Reasonably Priced Comics’ own blog.

Anything else? Oh, there’s just so much I’ve been up to whilst I’ve not been updating this blog. Guest spots on a friend’s webcomic, Skuzzmunch and Dandy Artist Stu Munro’s own Ray the Otter

I’ve also taken on the occasional commission, though nothing too huge. Yet. ;)

I leave you with a very odd comic from Pigwhale. Good night out there, you creepy crawlies.

Odd, huh?


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