Around April this year, I was commissioned to do some storyboards by someone I know online. Not a close friend, but an acquaintance – we both share a passion for cartoons. As I recall, I drastically undercharged for them and swore my way through the lot, but got them done in a professional manner all the same; for the agreed price. I’m nice like that.

These are the boards; character designs and script were handed to me, and it was my job to turn it into sequential pictures. Having limited space and resources at the time (being unemployed) I did the best I could.

Between then and now has seen me become very busy with caring for my father who passed away recently with cancer. I wasn’t able to track the progress of the project.

So imagine my joy when I see it yesterday on IndieGogo in motion and everything. Alex has taken my pictures of his characters and story and made them come alive with his team of talented animators. I think it’s looking very swish indeed – and well worth donating to if you have spare money lying around.

But, for all I swore and cussed whilst drawing this underpaid storyboard work, DAMN was it a thrill to see it in motion. Love it.


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