I’m bringing spooky back

That sounds a little odd, doesn’t it?

So, before I went on my holiday to recharge, I uploaded a whole bunch of REALLY OLD doodles to my deviantART and sorted a gallery relevant to some work I was chasing: and found myself really REALLY missing a certain quality my old work had. Didn’t know what it was, couldn’t quite figure it out. I wasn’t so good at drawing back then, and yet there’s a certain something in a lot of my old work that I really wish was in my new work; I figure, combined with the fact that I’ve since gotten better at drawing, it would give my work that little bit extra ‘oomph’ or whatever. More appeal, in a bizarre kinda way.

Well, I went on holiday because I needed to recharge. Been through a lot of stress lately and I found it hard to concentrate, hard to create, hard to draw, hard to do anything. Sadly, even eat and look after myself. That’s a sad fact about being over-stressed, and I needed to get out and spend some time with my girlfriend, Haylie.


During which time I drew this thing bit by bit. Tried to tap into the old spirit, and realised something between Haylie and I, as it if was right under our noses — I used to draw spooky things. Eerie, creepy, dark things that raised a giggle but also compelled a sidestep in a safer direction, to gawk at from afar for as long as is required to figure out what the heck a thing is. And I liked that about my old work, a lot.

Trouble is, I did Art and Design then Multimedia at college followed by Animation at university. Much as I had fun doing the courses, there’s a little something lacking in them for individual direction, I feel. There’s a lot of emphasis in trying to have such a broad appeal as to sell to the largest possible demographic, and I think I got too swallowed up in all that. And that’s a shame. I’ll never be the kind of material Disney, Pixar, Marvel, DC, Cartoon Network or any other comic/cartoon contemporaries want – and I was kidding myself to try.

But in that little spooky niche I was carving for myself before education told me it was A Bad Thing To Do, there were some pretty magical things. Some bad things, sure. But some really charming, if a little bizarre, things – which people liked.

So I’m bringing spooky back.

Part of this means less concentrating on the generic appeal I’ve been trying for with my children’s comic submissions. Part of it means more of what’s close to my heart, though — so I may be giving Trashfield more of a push. And some other thing I’m not saying much about; but it looks to be the darkest, yet most heartwarming tale I’ve ever come up with – and is so very close and personal at the same time.

So I’m in a dark period of my life right now, with all the stress. But the dark seems less daunting and more fun if you dress it up and have a party. When it gets dark, make it spooky.

“I can’t say I’m very pleased with where my life is just now… but I can’t help but look forward to where it’s going. – Johnny the Homicidal Maniac


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