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Verboten Games

Following is a for-posterity list of every game I have ever made.

Flashback Funnies – Amstrad CPC464, unreleased
Textbook example of a developer’s first game being of incredibly poor quality, this was a text-adventure coded in BASIC parodying (poorly) the events of Delphine Software’s 16-but opus, Flashback. Player interactions were limited to ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at various intervals due to a lack of technical knowledge. Created at age 13.

Trax – RISC OS/Amiga 1200, unreleased
Not ‘released’ in the conventional manner, but floated around my school for a while on the Acorn Archimedes platform. I’d discovered a command in BBC Micro BASIC (which the format had an expanded version of) to discern the colour value of a certain point onscreen and, combined with some simple math, made the film Tron‘s light-cycle game from it. Around 50 hand-drawn ‘arenas’ comprised the stages of this two-player jaunt that saw some…

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The Thing I Do?

Hello. Well, I clumsily let the domain name expire on this site and didn’t make it redirect to the free WordPress. I just fixed that. How terribly unprofessional of me.

Of course, when I acted as professional as I could, it didn’t matter one iota. So “HAI, I FIXED DA THINGEEEE” and all that jazz. After such a great start to this post with ‘hello’ as well.

Quite a bit for me to catch up on.

Latest Jip. And it's filthy.

Jip is still going on, with a new strip up on Fridays (usually) and an animated episode being planned AS I TYPE. Although not literally since I’m doing the planning, but right now that planning energy is being used on the typing and the whatnot, but rest assured it’s going to start happening. You can check it out on the comic’s blog right there.

In other news, I have been published for the second time, and it’s great. I got the first story and cover spot to Reasonably Priced Comics #6 — still small-press, but published for the second time nonetheless! It was a fun little story to do, harking back to a time when I was younger and things were simpler. I hand-lettered this one (unlike my story in RPC’s Science! anthology) and it turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself. Read more about it here on Reasonably Priced Comics’ own blog.

Anything else? Oh, there’s just so much I’ve been up to whilst I’ve not been updating this blog. Guest spots on a friend’s webcomic, Skuzzmunch and Dandy Artist Stu Munro’s own Ray the Otter

I’ve also taken on the occasional commission, though nothing too huge. Yet. ;)

I leave you with a very odd comic from Pigwhale. Good night out there, you creepy crawlies.

Odd, huh?


Around April this year, I was commissioned to do some storyboards by someone I know online. Not a close friend, but an acquaintance – we both share a passion for cartoons. As I recall, I drastically undercharged for them and swore my way through the lot, but got them done in a professional manner all the same; for the agreed price. I’m nice like that.

These are the boards; character designs and script were handed to me, and it was my job to turn it into sequential pictures. Having limited space and resources at the time (being unemployed) I did the best I could.

Between then and now has seen me become very busy with caring for my father who passed away recently with cancer. I wasn’t able to track the progress of the project.

So imagine my joy when I see it yesterday on IndieGogo in motion and everything. Alex has taken my pictures of his characters and story and made them come alive with his team of talented animators. I think it’s looking very swish indeed – and well worth donating to if you have spare money lying around.

But, for all I swore and cussed whilst drawing this underpaid storyboard work, DAMN was it a thrill to see it in motion. Love it.


Very unfortunate that I have to do this, but I am taking a hiatus from my comics for a while. I’m not sure how long. Earlier this week, my father passed away – which represents a big change in my life since I’ve been living with him. I don’t know what my immediate future holds. Rest assured, I will be back, and with quite a vengeance too. But the foreseeable future is very indefinite, so I don’t know what I’ll be up to.

However, I have stuff to leave you with for now.

This week has been the week of HOW A WEIRDO CAN GET GIRLS, which launched as planned with a strip a day for the first week. Sadly due to circumstances, I cannot continue this at the current time. Though I planned to, and wish I could, I just can’t. However, check it out here.

There’s also a guest comic of JIP done by the awesome James Riot. Have a look and see.

Over on my ReJxted page, there’s not one but two rejected pitches, Gadget Girl and Dad Scientist which I hope you’ll love, and the concluding part to the second Eddy Kill story over at Trashfield. Oooh, plot development.

That’s not all though, because lastly (but not at all least) the anthology I drew a story for, Science!, has been reviewed over at AComicBlog. Of my story, they say ‎”Townsend’s “R-Net” was surprisingly touching and had a nice ending that, while unexpected, was clever” — my first ever comic review is an unmistakably positive one, not bad for a project that I felt was completely out of my comfort zone, or even out of my league. Read the review here.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who has read and enjoyed my silly little comic stories, I love you all. Hopefully I shall be back in a few months, but until then it’s been great.



I appear to have been a busy little bee. That’s because I have been, inbetween trying to eat despite being completely flat broke and caring for my cancer-stricken father, of course (priorities).

What do I have for you this week? STUFF.

I have this week’s ReJxted pitch in which an unprofessional frustration at another (usually good) artist’s output turns into a pitch – because there’s nothing quite like turning a minus into a plus. There’s the week’s Eddy Kill page over at Trashfield and a new dress code in the office over at Jip.

Plus, out of the blue (geddit?) there’s new PIGWHALE, because folk asked for it and I delivered. Oh boy, I sure draw a lot of silly things.

As if that weren’t enough, a very positive reaction to an old comic series I posted on Google+ has had me think very hard about redoing it. Which I am. The comic?


All going without a hitch, this should be launching Monday 22nd August, starting the first week with a comic per day! All redrawn, so they’re no longer in 2003’s Jaycannotdraw-O-vision. That’s how much I love you guys. I have a good feeling about it. Here’s a teaser, a nugget of protagonist Jake’s worldly advice:

Maybe I should heed it. Tatty-bye for now, but if you need me, I’ll be telling complete strangers that How a Weirdo Can Get Girls is going to be totally awesome. Confidently, mind. ;)

I’m bringing spooky back

That sounds a little odd, doesn’t it?

So, before I went on my holiday to recharge, I uploaded a whole bunch of REALLY OLD doodles to my deviantART and sorted a gallery relevant to some work I was chasing: and found myself really REALLY missing a certain quality my old work had. Didn’t know what it was, couldn’t quite figure it out. I wasn’t so good at drawing back then, and yet there’s a certain something in a lot of my old work that I really wish was in my new work; I figure, combined with the fact that I’ve since gotten better at drawing, it would give my work that little bit extra ‘oomph’ or whatever. More appeal, in a bizarre kinda way.

Well, I went on holiday because I needed to recharge. Been through a lot of stress lately and I found it hard to concentrate, hard to create, hard to draw, hard to do anything. Sadly, even eat and look after myself. That’s a sad fact about being over-stressed, and I needed to get out and spend some time with my girlfriend, Haylie.


During which time I drew this thing bit by bit. Tried to tap into the old spirit, and realised something between Haylie and I, as it if was right under our noses — I used to draw spooky things. Eerie, creepy, dark things that raised a giggle but also compelled a sidestep in a safer direction, to gawk at from afar for as long as is required to figure out what the heck a thing is. And I liked that about my old work, a lot.

Trouble is, I did Art and Design then Multimedia at college followed by Animation at university. Much as I had fun doing the courses, there’s a little something lacking in them for individual direction, I feel. There’s a lot of emphasis in trying to have such a broad appeal as to sell to the largest possible demographic, and I think I got too swallowed up in all that. And that’s a shame. I’ll never be the kind of material Disney, Pixar, Marvel, DC, Cartoon Network or any other comic/cartoon contemporaries want – and I was kidding myself to try.

But in that little spooky niche I was carving for myself before education told me it was A Bad Thing To Do, there were some pretty magical things. Some bad things, sure. But some really charming, if a little bizarre, things – which people liked.

So I’m bringing spooky back.

Part of this means less concentrating on the generic appeal I’ve been trying for with my children’s comic submissions. Part of it means more of what’s close to my heart, though — so I may be giving Trashfield more of a push. And some other thing I’m not saying much about; but it looks to be the darkest, yet most heartwarming tale I’ve ever come up with – and is so very close and personal at the same time.

So I’m in a dark period of my life right now, with all the stress. But the dark seems less daunting and more fun if you dress it up and have a party. When it gets dark, make it spooky.

“I can’t say I’m very pleased with where my life is just now… but I can’t help but look forward to where it’s going. – Johnny the Homicidal Maniac